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Remi Rose Zimmerman


Hungry to collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs, Remi started her own hospitality consulting practice. She holds a degree from Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration specializing in Hospitality and Beverage Management.


Remi grew up in Los Angeles, California and was immediately immersed in the hospitality industry. Her grandfather co-founded a Napa Valley winery and was a wine explorer and educator who uncovered the stories of wine makers through the LA Times and book publications. Her mother continues this legacy as a Wine Consultant, crafting wine lists and customizing private cellars. Her grandmother was a brilliant cook, transforming her Italian and Egyptian roots into thoughtful dishes that brought people together from around the world. 


Remi believes sharing a meal has the ability to break down cultural barriers, and connect people globally. Similarly, wine has the power to ground us, to taste the terroir of cultures from centuries ago. To Remi, growing a successful business is about capturing the art of hospitality and sharing it with the world through meaningful storytelling.



Business Development

  • Create New Food and Beverage Concepts

  • Develop Sustainable Practices to Mitigate Food and Beverage Waste

  • Perform Market Analyses

  • Evaluate Prospective Retail Sites

  • Conduct Operational Reviews

Taking Picture of Food

Marketing & Branding

  • Design Branding Packages and Company Logos

  • Build Customized Websites

  • Develop Marketing Strategies

  • Formulate Social Media Strategies

  • Create Social Media Content


Culinary Strategy

  • Evaluate and Design Menus

  • Create and Test Recipes

  • Standardize and Scale Recipes

  • Analyze Existing Steps of Service

Event planning

  • Host Customized Wine Tastings

  • Cater Special Events and Dinners

  • Design and Execute Branded Events

  • Plan Off-site Wine Tours


Beverage Programming

  • Develop Wine Lists

  • Create Cocktail Programs

  • Evaluate Beverage Trends

  • Design Food and Wine Pairing Promotions



Food & Wine Pairing Video featuring Dr. Frank Wine


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